AVCA Negotiates Agreement to Add Local Conservation Benefits to Sierrita Pipeline Project

On June 2, 2014, the Alliance signed an agreement with Sierrita regarding the Sierrita Lateral Pipeline Project in the Altar Valley. The Alliance has agreed to withdraw opposition to the Project, and Sierrita has agreed to provide the Alliance with significant financial resources to aid in valley-wide projects, including direct support of watershed-wide restoration of the Altar Wash floodplain and its tributary systems. The Alliance feels that its resources are better spent pursuing positive conservation projects for the good of the Altar Valley watershed rather than protracted legal battles. This settlement agreement does not waive any of the Alliance’s rights to subsequently publicly challenge Sierrita with respect to any failure by Sierrita to abide by any of the applicable conditions and requirements set forth in permits and approvals for the Project; and the Alliance has executed the settlement agreement with the express understanding that its continued participation in discussions with permitting entities and other interested persons regarding measures to mitigate the impact of the Project will not be deemed to be a violation of the settlement agreement.To read the Alliance’s full press release, click here.

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One Response to AVCA Negotiates Agreement to Add Local Conservation Benefits to Sierrita Pipeline Project

  1. Jerry Kelly says:

    Good on you! Now the ball is in Mexico’s court.The road from Sasabe to Altar ( connects to Caborca then reaching the coast) will be a great thing for the people of Tucson,your valley and Sonora.It is being help up by crooked Mexican politicians.

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